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about us

WCPFS is a company committed to solving problems in the hard surface restoration field. Ever since Ken Horton began the company in 2002, the vision and goal has been to deliver the best possible solutions to contractors who want to do the job right the first time. That goal has challenged WCPFS to constantly research and test products from a variety of niches and vendors in the hard surface restoration field. This can include concrete, stone, masonry, and tile applications.

WCPFS only selects vendors of products that are able to meet some basic criteria in the industry.

That criteria usually falls into a few categories

  • One, the product must solve real problems.
  • Two, it must be unique in its approach to the market and limited in its distribution.
  • Three, it must provide an avenue of profitable revenue for the contractor or facility.

WCPFS serves customers across the country from its office in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area and South Carolina Location. Please contact WCPFS and one of their qualified representatives will assist you with your project needs.